Stow and Hudson, Mass.


A portion of one of the nation's most extensive historic military vehicle collections has been acquired by the Collings Foundation, which would like to move it to Stow. Work has already begun off of Barton Road clearing land for a new building to house the collection.
The Collings Foundation (trust) withdrew its 2014 application; a new application has been filed by The Collings Foundation, Inc. The Planning Board will hold a public hearing on this application at the Town Hall on March 4, 2015 at 8:00 P.M.

This website will close in June 2015. If you are interested in taking over this website, contact me at the address below.

October 2014: View of Pine Point, from Barton Road.


Things to do and see around the Lake



Vintage postcards.

Matthew Boon monument.

Views of the First Basin.

Views of the Second Basin.

Turkeys in the Yard.

Balloon on the Lake.

Lordship heads to sea.

The Moose.

The Swans.

The Eagle.

2005 North Shore Drive parade.

2013 Boat Parade photos.

2012 Boat Parade photos.

2010 Boat Parade photos.

2005 Boat Parade photos.

2004 Boat Parade photos.

2003 Boat Parade photos.

Cottages in the Pines.

Changes around the Lake.


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