Stow and Hudson, Mass.


There are many things to do at Lake Boon. The obvious activities are:

Swimming -- the Stow Town Beach is located at the Pine Bluff recreation area, on Sudbury Road. Day or season passes are available at reasonable cost.

Boating -- powerboats, canoes, sailboats and kayaks all enjoy the lake in the summer. An unpaved boat ramp is available at the southeastern end of Sudbury Road for larger boat access to the lake. State regulations require all boaters to wear a lifejacket.

Water skiing -- and wake boarding. This can be enjoyable whether you participate yourself, or just watch the experienced (and not so experienced) engage in their fancy manouvers.

Fishing -- Lake Boon is known as a great fishing location for its large-mouth bass, pickerel, and other species. Taking a five or six pound bass is not unusual. Ice fishing, mainly on the second basin, is popular in the winter.

Ice skating -- you will usually see several ice hockey areas cleared by lakefront homeowners in the winter. And if the ice is thick and there is not too much snow, you can skate from one basin to the next.

Snowmobiling -- when there is too much snow for skating. And sometimes when there is too much snow to get your motor vehicle on the road !

Walking -- in all seasons, but especially in the summer, you will see many of the residents of Lake Boon walking. This is not only good excercise, but a nice way to meet your neighbors.

Bird watching -- see the links on the home page for the swans, turkeys (our State bird), and the eagle. Other birds seen around the lake include Great Blue Heron, ducks, various hawks, an occasional turkey vulture and Baltimore oriole, and many smaller species.

Wildlife spotting -- animals seen near the lake (perhaps in your back yard) include deer, fox, a moose, fishers, and smaller ones such as garter snakes, sun and snapping turtles, tree toads, and others.


There are also annual planned activities. These include the Lake Boon Water Carnival Days. This occurs around the fourth weekend in August; watch for announcements in the local paper and notices posted around the lake. All activities are free. The usual order of events is:
Friday evening, 7:30 - 11 PM: Beach entertainment, music boat and lighting of the lake.
Saturday, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM: Family Beach Day at the Town Beach (canoe, field and swimming races, beach games, etc), including Artisan's Fair. (Box lunches usually sold.)
Sunday afternoon, 2:15 - 4 PM: Decorated boat parade

There is also the annual Lake Boon Walkathon sponsored by the Lake Boon Association. This five mile walk begins and ends at Pine Bluff, and usually takes place around the third weekend in October. Watch the local papers or check the Lake Boon Association website in the fall for details.

Music at the Beach is a recent activity (since 2010, compared to the Boat Parade which has been held for over 50 years). Listen, from your boat or from the shore, to the music of a professional band at the Stow Town Beach. This usually occurs in early July, in mid-afternoon.

There are many leisure time activities at the Lake. They may be active, where you participate and get excercise, or passive, where you watch and listen... but whatever you choose on a particular day, the Lake Boon area has something for you to do.