Stow and Hudson, Mass.

Cottages in the Pines

When I first lived on Lake Boon it was a summer cottage colony -- we came up here when school let out for summer vacation, and moved back to town around Labor Day. Many people could afford to do that in the 1950s and '60s since the price of a camp on the lake was relatively low, as were real estate taxes. And since they were not insulated, moving "home" in the fall was a necessity.

Old-timers will still refer to a home on the Lake as a "cottage," even though the resemblance to the dwelling of fifty years ago has changed dramatically, and in some cases has been replaced entirely with a new structure.

Here are four photos of cottages on the east shore of the First Basin in Stow, followed by a photo of a survivor in Hudson.

Many cottages had names. Perhaps the best known today is Pine Point, still standing on the First Basin. Massasoit still survives in the First Basin (although its name sign is not up).

In the Second Basin, on Worcester Avenue in Hudson, Columbia (on the waterfront) has been replaced with a brand new cottage, while its lot-mate Marion is gone entirely. And across the street, Pom-Pom (shown below), vacant and unused for years, was replaced in early 2005 with a new dwelling.



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