Stow and Hudson, Mass.

Matthew Boon Monument

Lake Boon is named for Matthew Boon, an early settler in the area. He was killed by Indians near the lake in 1676. A monument was erected to his memory in 1883.

Boon monument is located on the West side of the hill on Barton Road, Stow. At the top of the hill between Sudbury and Pine Point Roads, opposite 40 Barton Road, you will find a directional marker by the side of the road.

Barton Road (facing South, toward the Lake).
The directional marker is on the right.

Follow the (usually overgrown) path down the hill about 100 feet, and you will come to the monument.

The "front" of the monument faces downhill, toward the Assabet River.


Views of the First Basin.

Views of the Second Basin.

The Olde Lake Boon Store.



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