Stow and Hudson, Mass.


First three photos by Martin French, last two photos by Katie Fisher.

On Sunday afternoon, September 26 2004, First Basin residents along the southern shore were surprised to see a young moose going for a swim. After all, summer was over and the water was cool!

Locals reported the moose swimming westerly from the narrows. One report indicated that the police were called. It must have been because this was Sunday afternoon, and the moose was creating a wake!

He (or she) headed for the dam cove and crossed toward Pine Point Road. Lakeside residents came out on their decks, docks and porches to view the spectacle.

The moose gained his footing at the sand bar and headed to the shore.

He scrambled out of the Lake, crossed Pine Point Road, and disappeared into the woods.



© 2004, 2005 Tom French, all rights reserved.