Stow and Hudson, Mass.

vintage postcards

Here is a page of vintage postcards of cottages, boats, and other scenes around and near Lake Boon. Most cards are preceded by a brief description; if you are aware of any additional information or errors, let me know (my email address is on the home page.

The cards below are generally in this order:
Boats and related
Other Lake scenes
The railroad depot


Bide-A-Wee cottage on Pine Point Road. It still stands; the "upstairs" has been screened in. In the 1950s I knew this as Casey's... he had a fast hydroplane on the lake! "Pine Point" is seen in the distance.

1910 postcard, cottages along the shore.

1908 postcard.

1907 postcard.

More cottages. I think these are on Barton Road, south of the narrows.

North of the Twilight Club on Barton Road - "Elko Villa."

Hansen's beach, 1931, corner of Sudbury Road and Pine Point Road. Later in the 1960's a private home (Rooney's Beach) and more recently torn down and rebuilt.

The landing and dock at Hansen's Beach, 1923.

An earlier card of the landing at Hansen's Beach - this one from 1906.

View from south of the dam on Barton Road, Pine Point on the right.

View from a bit further south of the dam on Barton Road (possibly from the West Point cottage), Pine Point on the right.

The Twilight Club on the narrows, now a private home (202 Barton Road).

Looks like this photo was taken on the wharf at the Twilight Club.

Winter scene of three cottages -- I believe these are on Barton Road, south of the dam.


Boat party, 1910.

Canoes, probably on the east side of the narrows.

Two rowboats, and a rustic bridge. Possibly at the southeast cove (just north of the narrows) in the first basin.

Two boats on the lake. Postcard printed by Estabrook Press in Marlboro, thought to be about 1905.

Motorboats on the shore. Probably at Kane's landing on Hunter Ave, Hudson.

Another boat, probably taken from the sameplace.

The speedboat "Roper," postcard mailed from Gleasondale (date unreadable, has early 1900s stamp).


View from Boon Hill at the north end of Barton Road. Below the hill is Pine Point Road; to the right is the dam and Barton Road.

Another view. The hill was a corn field; today it is overgrown with trees.

Looking toward the first basin from the narrows (probably from the Twilight Club). I think this was postmarked 1943.

Looks like it might be Sudbury Road, taken from next to Hansen's (Rooney's) Beach.

"Road to the Dam." Barton Road, looking north. This shows how nice the area around the lake was many years ago. Even forty years ago there were trees on this road. Now it has been stripped of its beauty by the Town and bordered with a guardrail. It has even recently been referred to in our local paper as a "causeway."

"Along South Shore Drive." This seems to be viewed from just a bit further south than the above card - looking north toward the dam. Note the old car on the road.

"Glimpse of Pine Point from South Shore Drive." Today we know the location of the view as from Barton Road (at the north side of the dam).

"View along the south shore."

Unknown location.

"Along the shore." c. 1935. This apears to be a view from the Kane's landing area on Hunter Avenue in the second basin, looking toward Indian Point (the narrows is behind the Point, to the right).


The railroad depot at "Whitman's Crossing" was on Sudbury Road at the north end of Barton Road, next to the river and the bridge ("Twin Bridges" we called it, but no one seems to use that appellation nowadays).

Looking down Sudbury Road toward the bridge. Barton Road on the left.

Boats coming up from Maynard would dock here, just below the bridge. The passengers would walk up Sudbury Road, past the depot (note the crossing sign at upper right side of card), to Hansen's Beach at the lake.



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